Non-profit associations


Associations, profit and nonprofit, are important legal instruments in any democratic country. Through them, people can give legal form to their organization and defend their rights as a group. As many other legal entities, an association can carry out both national and international economic activities and receive income from them. In Dimitra International we have extensive experience in stablishing and advising associations. If you are interested in our services, please send us an email to:


If you want to create an association in Spain, count on us. Three people are required as founders. The price of our fee is 450 EUR. 350 EUR to be paid before starting the procedure for the registration of the association, and the rest before the other procedures. Our fees include preparation of the documentation, submission of the application, follow-up until your registration in the business registry of the Spanish Tax Office, obtaining the NIF, and support in opening a bank account. This price does not include the fees for the public administration, which are around 40 EUR.


You can make an appointment with us to be advised about associations Law, legal actions, and other queries. The price of the consultation is 50 EUR. This price will be deducted from the total fee if you finally decide to hire our services.