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Political Campaigns & Consulting

With extensive expertise across a variety of issue areas—from natural resources to energy to taxation, transportation, and insurance—and deep relationships with both political parties, our Political Campaigns and Consulting team is just as effective at supporting candidates running for office as helping change public perception around controversial issues.

In addition to helping clients run campaigns and win elections, we help them influence policy makers and public opinion and strategize for the future. For example, we have successfully passed legislation that helps the economically disadvantaged with expanded access to health care and housing. But we also work to change the way policy makers and everyday citizens think and talk about poverty—and to do that, you need a strong political strategy and a partner who knows how to execute on it.

We’ve proven that we’re up to the challenge: Maine was the first state in the nation to pass a law allowing same-sex couples to marry through the Legislature and signed into law by the governor, and we led the team that made it happen.

We succeeded because we know how to formulate a complex political strategy and manage all its moving parts; are experts in leading and leveraging large and complicated coalitions; and can bring along politicians and other influencers who are skeptical about our ability to succeed. Plus, because our team covers both sides of the aisle, we’re able to earn diverse buy-in from a wide variety of stakeholders. By leveraging so many different angles for our clients, we can more effectively turn the competitive landscape in their favor.

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